Sunday, September 7, 2008

Museums + Altar Boyz

Fridays are free at the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA. I wish I knew what was so great about some artworks, like a skinny long red painted piece of wood, a huge bright pink rectangle, or a piece of barb wire. However, it did house some artists I learned to appreciate from my 7th grade French class, like Seurat, Bonnard and Monet.
Selina & I went to Times Square Church for their young adult service. In their skit, Jesus takes the blindness of a blind man away, and puts it on himself. Jesus takes the cripples away from a lame woman, and puts it on himself. It was very moving.
On Saturday, Selina & I volunteer ushered to get into the Off-Broadway show Altar Boyz for free. The painless work of stuffing playbills and directing viewers to their seats gave us 90 minutes of catchey boy-band, Jesus loving song and dance.

There was a huge downpour. After we got to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I could literally wring my clothes out. 4 hours was just enough for me to explore every room and see sculptures, paintings, battle armor, sarcophagus, musical instruments, etc. There were even more Impressionist painters like Manet, Pisarro, Cassatt, et Degas.

I personally believe we found and ate the pizza that tops every pizza ever. It was a hole in the wall pizza joint. So we've had pizza and NY there's only NY cheesecake left on the food list.

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