Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I've enjoyed two glorious days of home cookin'. I've missed thee.

Great minds think alike! Selina and I opted to take an earlier flight home (4 days earlier to be exact). So now, I'll try to recap the last half of our tour de New York City... brownie points if you stay with me until the end. :)

On Sunday 9/7, Selina and I met up with Jack's lovely and super smart sister Cherry in front of the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. Their choir reminded me of UW's Gospel Choir. It was refreshing to see a different way of worship. People had their hands raised, swaying to and fro, but I couldn't get past my own comfort level to embrace it. Before the sermon, we shook hands with everyone around us and during the sermon, when strong points were made, the congregation would clap in approval. The African American boy sitting next to me had a crisp blue button up shirt, dress pants, and shoes with that just shoe shined smell. The pastor preached on truth, mystery and love, taking his message from John 3. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son," and he gave up his son, showing he will not withhold anything from us. Powerful.

The event "Prayer in the Square" also fell on that day. 50,000 Christians gathered in Times Square to praise God and ask for his wisdom, grace, and mercy for the present and future. I stood by a elderly lady who fervently prayed during the whole hour, in contrast to me, who was just a little bit distracted by all the people, tour buses taking photos, and the jumbo-tron t.v. The weather was miraculously beautiful.

Moving towards pop-culture, we went to the tents that housed NY Fashion week, and I saw my very first fashion model. Cherry and Selina did not share my enthusiasm for celeb sightings, so we went to 5th Ave, and I comforted myself with an ice-cream sandwich.

Monday morning was like a scene out of Amelie. In Central Park, the mellow accordion music complemented the beautiful park scenery. I didn't get to throw pebbles into the stream though. I met up with Selina at the cool sculpture park outside St. John's Cathedral (the largest in the world), which was more impressive than the Cathedral. We ate yummy cookies and poppyseed Hamentasch outside, and Selina became the bird lady...she threw a crumb at a pigeon and the whole birdy neighborhood decided to get in on the party.

Columbia University was my dream school in high school. Those yearnings came back to me when I stepped foot on that impressive campus. If only...

Angela went to tackle her long list of places to go to while Selina and I wandered and window shopped Diane von Furstenberg, Christian Loubourtin and Hugo Boss to name a few. The only thing I could afford that afternoon was a corned beef sandwich at the famous Katz's Deli (since 1888), and it wasn't cheap! No fake orgasm scenes for me despite the sandwich beings really really good.

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