Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Day of Awe

Central Park is a sanctuary for many New Yorkers, and fortunately, is only a hop and skip away from our apartment (right above Beauty Salon). I grabbed the opportunity to take a brisk walk before the busy day ahead of us.

We figured out the subway system just in time for our tour of Grand Central Staion. It was built before the advent of airplanes (when trains were the means of travel) in a grandiose Beaux Art fashion because this station was the first impression for arriving passengers. In the mid-1900's, many landmark buildings were demolished to make room for new ones. However, the public fought to keep this building. It was the first case of its kind, where the public told the private owners what they could do with their building, to be taken to the Supreme Court.

My jaw literally dropped at our next stop: St. Patrick's Cathedral. I felt so small there, but so in awe of the fact people could make this beautiful place dedicated to God. As estimated 6 million people visit each day.

We fueled up at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square before heading to our Broadway shows. My anticipation had built up to watch Disney's "The Lion King". The opening scene had actors transformed into elephants, rhinos, giraffes and lions, as they sang The Circle of Life. My favorite scene was when Mufasa's spirit spoke to Simba, and they sang the song was He Lives in You. This song reminds me of God's almighty presence.

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