Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home (part trois)

On Thursday, my middle school friend Robyn was ever the gracious host and took us to a cheap falafal place, Washington Square Park, an NYU library and up to see the New York skyline.

Selina is the best traveling buddy because of her easy going nature...and her I-Phone. We went to Westville Bakery but they did not have my s'mores pie. By grace, we found the original Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village, where I got their pumpkin cheesecake. Then it was off to go bag hunting. Selina kept her eye out since the beginning of the trip for a specific bag, but couldn't get a reasonable price for it. We went to Chinatown, and she scored not one, but two bags for a decent price. I suck at haggling but managed to save $5 when I got my bag. I got a mafia hat for Alvin.
Triumphant, we went to Coney Island. The F (?) train took us on the Manhattan Bridge and I think we were the only two who really enjoyed the views. There is something special about appreciating the sights each and every time. Crossing the 520 Bridge on sunny days is still an awesome sight. Coney Island closed 4 days early, so my cowardly butt had an excuse for not riding the Cyclone. We ate our dinner on the's like the Washington Dinner Train, but cheaper. :)

Friday was our last and final day exploring this great frontier. The Union Square Greenmarket was smaller than I expected, and the people weren't very chatty, but it was still nice to witness the ec0-friendly interactions between farmers and their regular customers. There were baked goods and fresh fruits and veggies, but I had to find food of some I went to Gray's Papaya for their $1.25 HOTDOG.

I met up with Selina and we went to Central was nice in the rain...much quieter. We walked 26 blocks worth, then headed to Zabar's for their creamy, thick frozen yogurt. Paul's is still the best though. We caught a few late Yankee fans on the B/D train to Yankee stadium. The game was unofficially cancelled b/c of the rain, and Selina suggested we hurry to catch the train back to get a picture of some mad fans.
Back at home, we watched Pretty Woman, ate a mediocre NY cheesecake, cleaned, packed, and decided to head home early. New York had a positive, lasting impression on me. I can picture myself here for the long term.

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Selina said...

Ha, I'm glad you still wrote your blogs!! I must say, I love how you word your experiences, there's still much to learn from your writings. ^_^

And you must know, surely you must, I love traveling with you!! Thanks for tolerating my laziness and my grumpiness especially when I first wake up in the morning. lol.