Sunday, October 10, 2010

Salina? Selma? No...Selina!

Dear Selina,

Since you are the ONLY one who reads this...I thought it'd be fitting to dedicate this post to you. ^^

After a couple hours of studying with a dinner break in-between, THANK-YOU for this excuse to take a break!

Umm...since I haven't used this blog in awhile, I think google has decided to deem me use-less as they have taken away photo feature and movie feature and even FONT feature. >.<

For shame!

Remember this photo?  This was (i think) our first time snowboarding together. :) And at this time, you are a FINE snowboarder, doing your S-curves and going on the BLACK slopes. As for me...I have hung up my snowboarding pants after learning about all the trauma that can be caused to my brain and body. One of these days, I will make a powerpoint and mini-lecture and present it after church to persuade you all to STOP and do things like swim (easy on the joints) and walk.

Alas! My books beckon and my exams laugh mockingly. It's back to this gift God has given me. A gift of education. :)

Have a fun night with your kitties!


p.s. (a couple minutes later...) nevermind! I figured out the formatting stuff! :D And photos!

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Selina said...

Aha! I have a blog dedicated to me as I eat Lingling Panda Dumplings! (totally serious, I started cooking it before I knew you wrote this blog)

yeah, it was our first time snowboarding, and I don't think you can persuade many people to quit, but you go ahead and try. We are all the "live fast die young" type of spirited people! LOL