Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In an attempt to remember more things, I've decided to write about them. That way, the information may go through one ear and out the other, but at least it'll go to the brain as well!

Today was our first "brown bag lunch" (guest speakers are invited to share about a topic of choice). SFMA, or Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a physical exam used to detect a person's functional stability and mobility in a few quick and easy steps. Apparently it is the hot new thing; even Real Madrid is using it. The patient goes through a series of movements, each rated functional (can be completed) or dysfunctional, and with pain or w/o pain. If the patient cannot bend over and touch his toes, the PT will use a flow chart to determine if it's mobility vs. stability, and the muscles involved: hamstrings, gluts, core, etc that is the culprit. Ex: If the patient had hamstring tightness, "reciprocal inhibition" (toes on towel roll to stretch the gastroc/soleus, knees squeezing towel roll) is used to fire the quads and core, and relax the hamstrings. Miraculously! said patient now can touch his toes. Albeit, he still needed to stretch to relieve that hamstring tightness.

And voila. SFMA taught in 30 seconds. The workshops take 15 hours...maybe one of these days.

In other news, fall break just ended. With FYI & HCC, we made over 20 mini-pizza's and 300 dumplings. Food coma. :)

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