Monday, May 23, 2011

Internship Day #1

Today was day #1. Today:
  • I got to help get a patient get up from supine --> sitting, after she had laid in bed for 2 weeks. :) 
  • I got my $20 stipend for lunch. Yay for not having to worry about packing a lunch!
  • I bought my blue that in case C. difficile were to fall onto my nice clothes, I wouldn't have to throw it away. I could just chuck the scrubs. 
  • I met my kind and knowledgeable clinical instructors (CI's) and found out I get to work in BOTH acute & inpatient rehab (IPR). 
  • I answered all the questions directed at me correctly...let's hope this continues @.@
  • I ate lunch at 3pm know...the hospital is HECTIC!
  • I praise God for setting up this internship and understanding that His plan is greater than any I could imagine. :)

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