Sunday, October 19, 2008

Missing the Point

Were the Pharisee's "bad guys," "good guys" or "us guys"?

The Pharisee's held the scripture in the highest regard, neglecting the purpose of Biblical principles. God told us to not work, but to seek rest on the Sabbath, for our own good. He is a merciful provider, and understands that even us meek humans need a break once in a blue moon. However, the Pharisees misinterpreted this to mean no work could be done. They were so bound to their own laws and self-righteousness that they didn't see helping others was not work.

PM asked the congregation what group we'd put the Pharisee's in. "Us guys," I think. Sometimes I do judge people for not following the "unwritten" rules, forgetting it is God's graciousness that has provided me with a safe & loving community, and kept me from floating away. As PM puts it: a relationship with Jesus Christ, not religion is what brings salvation.

In other news, school has been coming along like choppy waters. I feel like a little sailboat that's just survived a storm, only to have to brace some more. But in the calm times, it has been quite nice. HCC took a long hike to Lake Serene, celebrated 4 consecutive birthdays, and braved the scary haunted corn maze. The corn fields were lovely during daylight! Also, I learned to make nutella (, to function on 4 hours of sleep, and to appreciate the greatness of super glue.

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